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About us

Wallins Fastighetsservice AB was started in 2009 by Gothenburg native Karl Ronny Wallin.

In the beginning, the focus was mainly on window cleaning. Since then, the company has developed more and more towards a more pure real estate service company. Today, we are characterized by three different areas of activity; Indoor environment, Outdoor environment and Special.

We offer a large selection of real estate services that fit under our motto; Full care of your properties. Our common and green environment is also of great importance to Wallins Fastighetsservice AB. Throughout our work methodology and in all of our processes, we strive for environmental thinking at all levels. In 2015, we also became environmentally certified according to the Swedish environmental base.

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Our services

Real estate service

We help you keep the property in order

Window cleaning

Book window cleaning. Keep your windows clean


Let us help you with your outdoor environment

Roof / facade washing

Maintain your roofs and facades by hiring us.


Dear Customer,

Wallins Fastighetsservice AB is happy to visit you to review potential assignments and collaborations.

Our goal is to create long-term value for all parties in efficient property management and service.

We want to give you creative and constructive suggestions at an attractive price.

Our strength lies in optimizing the work based on quality and environmental considerations.

You should be able to feel safe at Wallins Fastighetsservice AB.


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